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Luxury For Less : Decorating on a Budget. Category: Home Making

Get ready to have the home of your dreams on your terms and budget! Luxury for less is so easy when you follow the 10 easy ideas outlined below:

Get Creative: Get your creative juices flowing! Probably the most important part of making the most of your budget and still achieving luxury for less. See beyond the ordinary. A pile of broken dishes is not worth crying over! Pick up the pieces and make a mosaic pattern for that old coffee table in the garage. Learn to approach your décor with fresh eyes

Greenery & Florals. Use greenery and florals to add freshness and impact to your décor. If strategically placed they can also hide ugly flaws such as the air return vent.

Get Inspired. Don’t let your budget limit your options. Determine what you need and/or desire and find a way to make it a reality. If you are looking for the luxury of an upholstered headboard but can not find it in your budget to buy one, then learn to make it yourself or enlist the aid of a friend who can. It’s all possible to achieve a wonderful decoratin, you just need to be inspired to find a way!

Light It Up: Don’t underestimate the importance of good lighting! It’s no wonder that famous actresses refuse to be filmed unless the lighting is perfect. The wrong lighting can exaggerate flaws , visually change colors of any décor item, or worse yet make a perfectly beautiful room look terrible. Experiment with the lighting in your rooms until you achieve the effect you desire.

Paint, Paint & More Paint. Painting is a very easy and cost effective way to update your interior. A fresh coat of paint can drastically impact the look of your home. Used correctly paint can create an optical illusion and make you room look larger or cozier. You can create the illusion of high ceilings or bring the ceiling down visually, by simply using paint.

Re-Arrange: So easy and possible to do in an afternoon. This is another way to get maximum impact without putting a dent in your wallet. Try configuring your furniture layout until you are pleased. Sometimes you really don’t need new furniture you just need to place it correctly to make it look like you did buy new furniture.

Re-Evaluate: Take the time to inventory your décor. You will be pleasantly surprised at how much you really do have! Once you know what you have you can decide what to do with it. If you have a wingback chair in your bedroom collecting old clothes and dust, then re-evaluate it! Maybe you need to move that chair to complete a perfect conversation area in your living room.

Re-Move: If you don’t use it or will have no use for it, then remove it! Donate it to your favorite charity, ask a friend if they can put it to good use or if it is a total loss, toss it! Don’t crowd your home and life with “dead” pieces, it will only cause you grief and frustration.

Re-Finish: If you have pieces that are in good condition and still functional then give it a face-lift. Re-upholster that old tired sofa or strip the paint on that chest of drawers and either stain it or paint it to make it new again!

Re-cycle: Before you throw anything away, think about how it can be given a second life. We all have clothes in our closets that we have put there to be forgotten. Well think about using that old bridesmaids or prom dress as fabric for your fabulous new pillows. Again learn to approach the ordinary items in your home with fresh eyes!

About the author: Carmen Natschke is a designer, speaker and co-founder of Room In A Kit LLC. She is passionate about decorting and has shared that passion with hundreds of women through her Decorating Divas workshops and seminars. To read more decorating articles by Carmen visit http://www.roominakit.com.

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