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Survey Results: The Best (and Worst) Baby Gifts!. Category: Home Making

To find out what the perfect baby gift is, we went right to the source – new moms! We surveyed more than 200 moms to find out what gifts they loved, and which ones they wish they hadn’t of received. Here's what we learned...

Their 5 Favorite Baby Gifts

We weren't surprised by the item most moms were glad they received. A whopping 52.7% of moms chose "clothes in larger sizes" as one of their favorite three items.

Second choice was "clothes in newborn sizes", chosen by 26.8% of moms. "Books" (25.8%), "bath and skincare products for baby" (23.7%) and "blankets" (21.5%) rounded out the top five.

An honorable mention goes to "diapers". A lot of moms told us how much they loved receiving diapers. They're such a huge expense when baby is small so we weren't surprised!

The 5 Gifts They Wanted to Receive

Only 25% of moms got everything they wanted when it came to gifts for their new bundle of joy. So what were they hoping for but didn't get?

"Gifts for mom" was the clear winner, with 21.6% of women saying they would have liked to get something personal for themselves. After 9 long months we don't blame them! "A baby journal" (18.2%), "personalized/monogrammed keepsakes" (13.6%) and "nursery artwork" (13.6%) were also popular answers.

The 5 Gifts They Could Do Without

When asked which gifts they wish they hadn't of received, the majority of moms (31.5%) responded that they were happy with everything they got.

However, 21.7% wish they hadn't of received of "clothes in newborn sizes". Most of them said it was because they had already purchased so many themselves, and baby outgrows them so quickly. As one mom put it "I had a large baby so a lot of the newborn sizes didn't even fit!"

The rest of the top five included "nursery décor items" (21.7%), "bath and skincare products for baby" (10.9%) and "personalized/monogrammed items" (10.9%).

One mom had a good point: “Someone gave me an outfit for baby to wear home from hospital. Also, a blanket to come home from hospital. I didn't like this. I wanted to choose what my baby came home in without worry of upsetting anyone.”

Well there you have it, the hits (and misses) of baby gift giving. Hopefully these moms have will help you find something perfect the next time you have a baby shower gift to buy.

About the author: Jennifer Kirkpatrick is the owner of the online baby store, Pipsqueak Boutique. For unique baby gifts that are guaranteed to make them giggle, visit www.pipsqueakboutique.com.

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