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Moisanite Jewelry. Category: Advice & Ideas

Moisanite is fast becoming the new diamonds. The newest jewelry stone on the market, moissanite is fashionable. Mossanite stones are manufactured to exacting standards, and so produce fine quality jewelry. And loose moissanite stones, being cheaper, can offer a choice of much larger stone sizes than diamonds.

Just witness the number of ďstarsĒ who have been seen recently wearing stunning moissanite jewelry. Moissanite jewelry is the new jewelry for the discriminating buyer.

Not only does moisanite look as good as diamonds, itís much cheaper.

However before you decide to rush out and buy some mossanite jewelry, think about the range of options available to you for your jewelry purchase. And think about buying loose moissante stones.

Lets say you want to buy a stunning moissanite engagement ring.

Firstly, shop on the net. Moissanite is more easily sourced on the net than at your regular stores, and you usually get a bigger range. Online stores can be much cheaper when buying moissanite than your normal offline store. There are several reasons for this, but it generally boils down to overheads.

Regular stores need to bring their customers to the store. So the store needs to be near the customers. So there need to be lots of stores to be near lots of customers. So high overheads.

However on the net the customers come to the store. So there is only one location needed, and it can be located on cheaper real estate.

So, lower overheads equals lower prices.

When shopping on the net there are usually a range of settings to choose from. And whilst women love their moisanite jewelry, they usually have exact ideas about the setting they want. Sometimes the merchants offer the setting they want, sometimes they donít.

There is, however, the perfect solution. Loose moissanite stones. The stone is usually the more expensive part of the ring. The setting is usually cheaper than the stone.

It is perfectly possible to buy loose moissanite stones on the net. Why would you buy loose moissanite stones? One reason.

If you buy the stone on the net you take advantage of the prices and availability. If you then take your mossanite stone to your local store you can browse at your leisure and pick out the exact setting that suits you and get your jeweller to set the stone for you.

Itís the best of both worlds. The low price of buying a moissanite stone on the net, and the range of choice and the enjoyment of browsing in your local store for the perfect setting. And the option of getting your favourite jeweller to set it for you.

So for those who are looking for that perfect moissanite engagement ring, look for moissante stones on the net. You will get a stone that compares very favourably to a diamond at a much cheaper price.

And select your favourite setting from your favourite jeweller.

A loose moissanite stone plus your favourite ring setting makes for the perfect moissanite engagement ring!

About the author: Find out more about Moissanite Stones as well as Moissanite engagement rings, moissanite bridal rings and moissanite earrings at Peter's website, The Magic of Moissanite.

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