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The Credit Card Disease. Category: Money

The little disease that comes with those credit cards. Oh yes, we all get it in the mail, all those offers to get a credit card.

So tempting 0% financing for a year, no payment for 3 months, $10,000 credit line, and the most dangerous, YOU ARE APPROVED!

We have all had a credit card in our possession at one time or another. Whether it is a department store, or gas card, or the most dangerous of all the MasterCard or Visa! Good at most places in the world.

Let's talk about the MC/Visa cards for a moment. These you can use everywhere, even at McDonalds. These cards tempt you with there low rates, big credit lines, and the ease of applying for one of these.

Now why do I call the credit cards a disease? Well you begin paying for that dinner out on the town, next thing you are doing is picking up a few items at your local Wal-Mart or other discount store.

You get the bill in the mail and you pay it off. Next month you put a little bit more on it, when the bill comes you pay it in full. Well this goes on for a few months, and you think, I am in control of this situation.

WRONG! Before you know it you are charging bigger ticket items, then you have that little problem with the car, and you use your MC/Visa to pay for it. The month is coming to an end and you are running low on cash.

Well you figure I just need a few groceries, so I will just put them on the ole charge card. Well the bill for that month arrives and your hair stands up on end because the balance is a lot higher than you thought.

What now, I don't have the money to pay it in full, so I will pay half of it. The cycle of spending on the credit card goes again for the next month. Sure you try to keep it down, but when the bill comes again you have sticker shock!

And now you have that balance starting to climb, and again you cannot pay the whole bill in full. As the months go buy the ole credit card keeps getting used.

Then the bad month comes up, the refrigerator goes out, the toilet over runs etc. Well even though you might have paid cash for these items, the one thing you forgot to pay was the credit card bill!

Oh my, it was due on the 10th of the month, and you did not send off the payment till the 8th of that month! Woops, the payment arrived on the 11th.

To your dismay your next month credit card bill no longer has 0% interest; it has jumped to 18.9% or worse, just for being that one day late.

What I am trying to say here is that credit cards not only put your in a financial strain, but all so cause you health problems as the stress of being in debt has now gotten to you.

Bad things happen to good people. We don't intend for this to happen but it does, and sometimes out of our control.

Credit cards can be used for anything these days, and sometimes what life deals us gives us no choice but to use one if we have it. Even for hospital bills, medicines, food and what ever else we need to survive.

I know this for a fact! I am a person due to some very unfortunate circumstances find myself in this position, and it was not planned!

This is why I decided to sit down and write this article, to try to help get the word out that credit cards are bad for you financially and health wise.

It does not matter what walk of life you are from, what color you are, where you live, etc., more and more people are filling for bankruptcy everyday, due to having problems with credit cards.

Even worse yet people are loosing there homes and possessions cause they cannot pay there credit card bills. Please don't get caught up with this disease, due it for you and your family.

If you would like to read more about my history with credit cards, I have set up a cheap little website to better tell you my story.

About the author: Jim Noel -- Like to read more about my story go to http://www.freewebs.com/savejim

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