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The Effect of Increasing Outside Work. Category: Marriage & Relationships

If your man is pursuing a career path please take note of this. Because, although a breadwinner's intention is to support by bringing money into the home, he is nevertheless away from home for extended time and a distance may form between the partners.

This is especially true if all children are established in the school system and a mother can step back mentally and review who she is. Often the "growing apart" concept creeps into the background then.

Many women begin to crave "quality time" with spouse and with children, yet work demands more and more, and the relationship suffers. This can not be suppressed and divorce is common at 12 years since marriage, with the last few years uncomfortable.

Interestingly a woman tends to internally define herself by modes of psychological nurture established in childhood.

Usually these are one or two of
quality time
nice words
reducing her task load

Supply of these one or two particular things are quite fundamental to her self-image as it is how she is internally reaffirmed as worthwhile, and on the positive side is even the basis of romance.

The 'quality time' need is a very common one.

To avert this 'growing apart' about the only thing available is to increase options by getting separate income, without extra time away. Any inheritance on the way? Seriously, outside income brought in by either of the couple will increase options to reduce outside work or other subtler, but very positive things.

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